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SILK YARN – 3311925106

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Product Description

The silk yarn we produced has been globally accepted in the market because of its variety of colors and designs. We produce a Recycled Silk Yarn that looks extremely beautiful and thus are used in garments and home furnishing industries as embellishments.
our recycled silk yarn is made and hand spun by a collective group of women.it is produced from remnants and scraps of contemporarily-produced Indian saris. The yarn is attractively colorful and is pure silk.it is utilized in making vibrantly hued scarves, hats, mittens and other items! 
The important Features of our product are:
It is made up of 100% silk jewel Colors.
It has got a Smooth Texture
It gives as Attractive look
It has got a Stylish Design
It is Perfectly Woven

It can be used in various areas like:
Surface Decoration
Decorating Tassels

The Packaging details of the product is mentioned below:
1kg bulk : 5 x 200 g skeins or 10 x 100g skeins
Knit : 3 stitches approx. per inch on 6mm needles


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