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Our industry manufactures yarns with highly equipped machines imported from abroad. The yarn is produced after applying 7 various techniques of weaving, combing and spinning. We do not leave any aspect to satisfy our customer by providing best quality of yarn and fabrics.

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Silk Yarn

Silk Yarn

Silk is a fine translucent fiber produced from silkworm. The manufacturing process of silk begins with the raising of cocoons.

Banana Silk Yarn

Banana Silk Yarn

Banana Silk is handspun by women in Nepal and India. The yarn is available in kettle dyed or hand painted form.



The process of Cutting or tearing apart existing wool fabric and re-spinning the subsequent fibers make crude or reprocessed wool.

Peter Brown

Sales Head / MassYarn Distributors

Never got such amazing response on the touch & feel of the silk. Very Satisfied with the Quality.

Elizabeth Tayling

Manager / Legacy Silk

Loved the vibrant colors reflecting the core culture of India. Great Stuff.

Jade Blang

CEO / Blang Clothing & Accessories

Integrating our business with Shruti Silk Industries has proven to be very beneficial for our revenue generation. I recommend Shruti Silk to everyone.

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